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Unarmed Basic

Commander ​ C/LT
Rebecca Mays


Unarmed Basic consists of a series of basic drill movements in-sync with a group platoon of 13 cadets, including a guide on. This team teaches you how to move in unison and teaches you the basic drill movements; for example, right face, left face, about face, present arms, parade rest, forward march, etc. Being on a drill team is an advantage in NJROTC because it gets you more involved in the program and there can be more opportunities for advancement. This team in specific helps you work together with others and is more military-based than other teams we offer. If you are on Unarmed Basic, you will also be on Armed Basic.

Practices are currently set for two days of the week, but practices may become more frequent and longer if necessary for an upcoming event.
Monday Afternoons
​Thursday Mornings

​Attire in order to attend:
Cadets must be not be breaking school dress code and must be in closed toe shoes.

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Drill Team Ribbon. It is earned after a cadet completes 3 Drill Team events.

Drill Team Shoulder Cord. It is earned after a cadet completes 7 Drill Team events.

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