an exhilarating journey into the skies


Our Aeronautics class is designed to ignite curiosity and passion for aviation among high school students. Led by experienced instructors with a background in aerospace engineering, our course provides hands-on learning opportunities and real-world applications to inspire the next generation of aviators.

Course Description:

Year One

  • AS 120 Principles of Aeron nautical Science 3 Credits (3.0) An introductory course in Aeronautical Science designed to provide the student with a broad-based aviation orientation in flight-related areas appropriate to all non-Aeronautical Science degree programs. Subjects include historical developments in aviation and the airline industry; theory of flight; airport operations; aircraft systems and performance; elements of air navigation; basic meteorology theory; air traffic principles; flight physiology; and aviation regulations and safety.

  • AS 220 Unmanned Aircraft Systems is the second class in aeronautics taken after AS 120 is finished. This course is a survey of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) emphasizing the military and commercial history, growth and applications of UAS. Course will include basic acquisition, use and operation of UAS with an emphasis on operations. The students will be able to fly the available drones the Mavic and Bebop. The students take an online course as well to earn their Safety Certification for Small UAS (sUAS) which will be taken on

Year Two

  • AS 222 Unmanned Aircraft Sys Security is the third class in Aeronautics taken after AS 220 has been completed.  AS 222 will get the students to understand the concept of UAS security, Identify vulnerabilities as risks associated with UAS components, Assess the implications of an unsecure UAS, Examine threats common to most UAS; hacking, jamming, spoofing, and malicious attack, Design a security plan for protecting high value assets from UAS and Make judgments about the future of UAS security. 


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