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C/ENS Gavin Whitehurst


At the Central High School NJROTC Athletic Team, we value commitment and a passionate performance. During practice we can go anywhere from running the field to doing push-ups the whole practice. Anybody may join this team; you do NOT have to be a certain body shape or type. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, keep fit, or just want to exercise for an hour after school, you can be on this team! Do not be afraid to join this team because you will be motivated every time you come and it is completely okay if you need to step out. Everyone has got to start somewhere, and this is where you can start!

Practices are scheduled once a week after school and may be more frequent and longer if necessary for an upcoming event. 
Thursday: 2:30-3:30 PM

Attire in order to attend:
Cadets are not required but are encouraged to bring shorts, a comfortable t-shirt, and closed toe shoes that they are willing to get dirty.

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Athletic Team Ribbon. It is earned after a cadet completes 3 Athletic Team events.

Athletic Team shoulder cord. It is earned after a cadet completes 7 Athletic Team events.

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