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Armed Exhibition

Commander ​ C/LT
Liam Corbin


Armed Exhibition is a team where you spin rifles and do a series of movements. You will learn how to spin rifles, work as a team, and improve your leadership skills. Armed Exhibition preforms all throughout the county by going to other schools and preforming in parades, and they also compete statewide.

Practices are scheduled two times a week after school and might be more if needed. 
Wednesday: 2:20-3:30 PM
Friday: 2:20-3:30 PM

​Attire in order to attend:
Cadets must be not be breaking school dress code and must be in closed toe shoes.

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Drill Team Ribbon. It is earned after a cadet completes 3 Drill Team events.

Drill Team Shoulder Cord. It is earned after a cadet completes 7 Drill Team events.

"Top Ranked Program In The Nation"