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C/PO1 Travis Sickler


The Air Rifle team is a sport air rifle shooting team that competes in both team and individual postal and shoulder-to-shoulder competitions throughout the year. It is an extremely safe team, and cadets must pass a written safety test and follow instructions to join. This takes a lot of patience and dedication.
              Team members shoot 3 positions: prone, standing, and kneeling. practices are three times a week to ensure accuracy and precision in competitions. Within this NJROTC Program, the Air Rifle Team has been been the FL CMP State Champions 4 years in a row, and remaining undefeated during the past school year. This year we took both the A and B team to Nationals and took 10th in the Nation. The Rifle Team is a very tight knit group of individuals who strive to become better each and every day!

Practices are scheduled four times a week after school and may be more frequent if necessary for an upcoming event.
Monday-Thursday: 2:15-3:00 PM

​Attire in order to attend:
Uniforms consist of jeans with no holes and long sleeve shirts that will be issued to you. This uniform is mandatory.
Tennis shoes are a must. This means closed toe shoes (mesh is more comfortable).

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The Rifle Team Ribbon. It is earned after a cadet completes 3 Rifle Team events.

The Rifle Team Shoulder Cord. It is earned after a cadet completes 7 Rifle Team events.

"Top Ranked Program In The Nation"