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Booster president: Jessica Carlisle

About Us

The NJROTC Booster Club is a dedicated group of parents who volunteer their time and resources to support, feed, and care for our Cadets at every event. Our mission is to enhance the NJROTC experience for all students by providing logistical support, organizing fundraisers, and fostering a sense of community among parents, Cadets, and staff.

Your support makes a difference in the lives of our Cadets. Whether you’re donating your time, talents, or resources, every contribution helps us provide the best possible experience for our NJROTC students. Together, we can empower our Cadets to excel academically, develop leadership skills, and become future leaders in their community and beyond. Thank you for your support!

Our Mission

To support, promote and assist the Central High School NJROTC cadets and instructors in various ways as needed, while promoting positive collaboration and teamwork with eachother, our school and surrounding community in keeping with principles of NJROTC, professional ethics, and goodwill. 

It is hereby noted that Boosters activities may include, but are not limited to fund raising, assistance during activities, cooking and serving food, equipment assistance, education, and other ways as indentified through the Senior Naval Science Instructor in keeping with the purpose of this organization.

What We Do:

We Need You!

Event Support:
From drill competitions to community service projects, our Booster Club plays a vital role in ensuring the success of NJROTC events. Whether it’s setting up equipment, coordinating transportation, or assisting with logistics, our volunteers are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Cadet Care:
We believe in taking care of our Cadets like they’re our own children. That’s why we provide nutritious meals, snacks, and refreshments at every event, ensuring that our Cadets are well-fed and energized to perform their best.

As a non-profit organization, fundraising is essential to our success. Through various initiatives such as car washes, bake sales, and merchandise sales, we raise funds to support NJROTC activities, purchase equipment, and sponsor Cadet scholarships.

Get Involved:

Joining the High School NJROTC Booster Club is a rewarding experience that allows parents to play an active role in their child’s education and extracurricular activities. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to take on a leadership role, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Contact us to learn more about volunteering, fundraising, or becoming a member of our Booster Club family.

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